We offer a delicious range of meats, pastries and sausages. We bake the softess pastry for our pies, which are prepared freshly on the premises. Our meat is matured to give it quality and flavour and supplied by the finest quality suppliers. We offer a range of fine quality sausages that go great with any traditional dish, such as bangers and mash or are perfect for having that summer barbecue.

There is nothing quite like our traditional Steak Pies. Tender shoulder of scotch beef, packed with flavour, trimmed and hand diced by our team of experts.

Below is a complete list of all our products, if you have any questions or queries please to do not hesitate to call us on 0131-554-0533. Thank You.


Fry Steak
Round Steak
Fillet Steak
Stew Steak
Beef Sausage
Pork Sausage
Sliced Sausage
Boiling Beef
Ball Haggis
Ind Haggis
Ind Black Pudding
Ring Black Pudding


Rolled Shoulder
Gigot Chops
Lamb shanks
Lamb Chops


Rolled Shoulder
Gigot Pork
Flank Pork
Loin Chops
Back Bacon
Ayr Middle
Ham Ribs
Ham Shanks
Chicken Fillet